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We develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality, easy-to-use self-tests for you and your loved ones. Our goal is to bridge the gap between digital and physical healthcare, by providing reliable results at your doorstep.

Why FindOut?

Connecting digital and physical healthcare through the future of diagnostics

Out tests are approved for clinical use and can be performed anywhere and at anytime.
The core of our solution is a physical self-test combined with our AI-powered
FindOut Diagnostic App.



As quality is our highest priority, all our products are CE-certified for clinical use


Saves time

Get real-time results using our self-test and app, saving money and time for both patient and healthcare providers


Digital technology

Receive reliable results enabling quantitative determination using our state-of-the-art AI technology


FindOutCRP Test


FindOutHbA1c Test

Long-term blood sugar

FindOutCeliac Test

Gluten intolerance

Simple and reliable self-tests - directly to your door step

Our tests fulfil the highest quality of standard and are approved for clinical use. Our development is built upon innovative technology, robust quality control and expertise from physicians and professors in relevant fields. With the Karolinska Institute in Solna, Stockholm, as a base for our business, the right knowledge and new ideas are only a stone’s throw away.

FindOut CRP Test​

Sweden's most common lab test is now at your home

FindOut’s CRP Test enables quantitative measurement of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) found in the blood. In Sweden, around 11 million CRP tests are performed annually and 1 in 3 digital healthcare appointments are related to infections.

Elevated levels of CRP could be due to infections caused by viruses or bacteria, but could also be a sign of other conditions such as rheumatic diseases. CRP is considered to be the main indicator of infections and inflammation. CRP is not only used in the acute disease state but also during treatment, to follow the course of a disease and in follow-up contexts. Together with other symptoms, the CRP value can provide an insight to healthcare providers regarding whether or not antibiotics should be used. Avoiding unnecessary uses of antibiotics reduces the spread of resistant bacterial strains and leads to reduced health costs.


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