Rapid test for detecting liver toxins (hepatotoxin) in blue-green algae

The most poisonous bathing water cannot be detected by the naked eye

When the water is in imbalance, mainly due to eutrophication, algal blooms occur. Blue-green algae form toxins that can lead to algae toxin poisoning. People and animals bathing in water can suffer from algae poisoning with symptoms such as pruritus, headache and nausea with vomiting and diarrhea.

Several cases have occurred where dogs have been poisoned and died after bathing in affected water. Algae bloom itself is not the only sign that bathing water should be avoided, but the water may be crystal clear after flowering, but that is when the water is most toxic. Therefore, a test is required to ensure the quality.

A test lab in your back pocket

BlueGreenTest® has been developed to clarify whether there are liver toxins (hepatotoxins) in blue-green algae in e.g. bath water or sauna water.

The simple test is performed in 15 minutes:

  • Fill the sampling can with the water to be tested. A chemical reaction occurs. Wait 10 minutes.
  • Transfer water to the test cassette using the pipette.
  • The test result is read after 5 minutes. Either one or two lines appear on the test cassette. 1 line at the letter C = no toxins in the water. 2 lines = toxins in the water.

The test ensures its functionality by indicating, among other things, incorrect storage or use and exceeded the best-before date.

5 years of product development

Developed together with the University of Turku and VTT Technical Research in Finland


The test only takes 15 minutes

Environmentally friendly

The biodegradable material does not contribute to further waste / environmental impact


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BlueGreenTest® has an accuracy of 1 µg / L to 100 µg / L.

BlueGreenTest® distinguishes the following toxins: MC-LR, dm-MC-LR, MC-RR, dm-MC-RR, MC-LA, MC-LY, MC-LF, MC-YR, MC-WR, MC-LW, Node-R.