VNTRS Consulting becomes tech- partner and joint owner

A strategic and long-term collaboration is established with VNTRS Consulting for further software development of the FindOut app.

In January 2020, FindOut shareholders voted unanimously in favour of the proposed collaboration with VNTRS. The proposal from the Board of Directors was motivated by VNTRS strengthening the digital competence of the company with its’ solid experience in software development in the health sector.

FindOut’s own-developed diagnostic self-test with an algorithm integrated into the mobile camera for quantitative measurements is currently in clinical trials and the preliminary test results show very positive indications.

– The study results has led us to have full focus on equipping the organization for the upcoming product launch. The collaboration with VNTRS does not only strengthen our digital competence but will also enable more efficient product development in the future, says Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen, CEO FindOut Diagnostic.

VNTRS has previous experience of supporting companies in the health sector such as Doctrin, Ally Medical and SCRIIN with the development of their digital services.

– We believe that FindOut offers an incredibly exciting solution for efficiency in healthcare. We saw a company with strong management and strong owners that we believe in and wanted to invest in, and we believe that VNTRS will be able to contribute and complement the company well with our digital expertise, says Viktor Gällström, Investment Manager at VNTRS.

– The app and the integrated algorithm are at the heart of our organization and therefore we see that the collaboration strengthens FindOut’s positioning in the market. We have started the software transfer from the existing provider and look forward to a successful collaboration with VNTRS with their consultants Marcus Håkansson and Gustav Haglund at the forefront, says Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen, CEO FindOut Diagnostic.

Viktor Gällström joins the Board of Directors of FindOut.


Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen
CEO, FindOut Diagnostic AB

+ 46 (0) 768 52 44 62,

About FindOut Diagnostic AB

FindOut’s vision is to make health data available on the individual’s terms through the development, manufacture and distribution of diagnostic self-tests in the European market. In the product portfolio, FindOut already has FindOut Celiac Test (gluten intolerance), Promilless (alcohol test) and BlueGreenTest (Hepatotoxins).

Viktor Gällström
Founding Partner & Investment Manager, VNTRS Consulting AB

+46 (0) 735 17 61 82,

About VNTRS Consulting AB

VNTRS is a consulting company that invests in tech companies at an early stage. With their experienced team of digital consultants, they assist tech companies in building their product and business. They combine their experience from larger corporations and the consulting industry with technical expertise and their passion for start-ups.