FindOutCRP Test

Measurement of C-reactive protein (CRP)

FindOut CRP Test is a self-test which measures the concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) in capillary blood.

CRP levels are a good indicator of whether a person is suffering from a baterial or viral infection. Health providers and patients can use CRP levels as valuable information during consultations, contributing to a faster diagnosis and more effective use of antibiotics. Antibiotics should only be used when necessary in order to limit the spread of resistant strains and reduce healthcare costs.



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FindOut CRP Test

Direct delivery of Sweden's most common diagnostic test

C-reactive protein (CRP) is an acute phase protein synthesized in the liver, which increases during inflammation. CRP is an important marker when diagnosing infections, especially when distinguishing between bacterial and viral. Bacterial infections commonly induce higher CRP levels, whilst in viral infections, the levels are usually moderate to low.

When a patient has an infection or inflammation, their CRP levels increase six to eight hours after the first symptoms appear. These levels rise exponentially and can increase up to 1000 times their normal level. Throughout the recovery process, the patient’s CRP levels begin to decline, and within a few days, the levels are back to normal. Considering these qualities, CRP is ideally suited for use both in the acute state of disease, in the treatment phase to measure the treatment’s effectiveness and in follow-up contexts.

FindOut CRP Test uses the lateral flow immunoassay principle to quantify CRP in capillary blood using a slef-testing method. To detect the levels of CRP, the FindOut CRP Test consists of a test kit and an app. Self-tests can be used by patients at home or in any environment of their chooising. Using the FindOut Diagnostic App, the user can obtain the results with or without a referral from a doctor or healthcare professional. A healthcare professional should always interpret the test results together with other examinations since they provide an indicative message. If symptoms of an illness have developed within the last 24 hours, the CRP value may be elevated.

Clinical performance:
CRP < 10 mg/L deviates max 2 mg/L
CRP > 10 mg/L deviates max 15%


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