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FindOut in the digital healthcare chain

FindOut develops, manufactures and distributes diagnostic self-tests for some of the most common biomarkers in healthcare. Our tests are simple, easy to perform at home and the test results are securely shared with the healthcare providers via e-referral systems.

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Accessible healthcare

Connecting digital and physical healthcare through the future of diagnostics

FindOut’s tests are approved for clinical use and can be performed in a home environment. The core of our solution is a physical self-test combined with our AI-powered FindOut Diagnostic App. Our platform is connected to healthcare providers through e-referral systems and has the opportunity for direct integration with other systems and platforms.

By 2024, 15-25% of all healthcare consulations are expected to be digital. Today, in many cases, the digital healthcare chain is broken due to requirements for analog test methods. This costs large amounts of resources in time and money for both healthcare and patient. Clinical self-tests and integration with healthcare will be an important key in the transformation towards an effective digital healthcare chain, both in primary care and self-monitoring of chronic disease – here FindOut wants to influence and be involved! Contact us for more information.


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