FindOutHbA1c Test

Long-term blood sugar monitoring - Detection of glycated hemoglobin

HbA1c, or long-term blood sugar, is a blood test that is commonly used to identify patients at risk for diabetes. Blood sugar levels over the past two to three months are determined by the test.


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Get your result through a few simple steps

FindOut HbA1c Test can be performed in a home environment     and your result is obtained directly in your mobile in less than
15 minutes.


Prick finger

The test only requires a prick in the finger and a drop of blood.


Drop on test

Use the app and follow the instructions. It only takes a few simple steps.


Scan test

In less than 15 minutes, you receive your results directly in your mobile.

FindOut HbA1C Test

Diagnosis and follow-up at home based on long-term blood sugar levels

Having an elevated HbA1c value indicates an increased risk of developing diabetes.

FindOut HbA1c Test uses the lateral flow immunoassay principle for semi-quantitative detection of HbA1c in capillary blood. To detect the levels of HbA1c, the FindOut HbA1c Test consists of a test kit and an app.

Self-test can be used by patients at home or in any environment of their choosing. Using the FindOut Diagnostic App, the user can obtain the results with or without a referral from a doctor or a healthcare professional. To make a diagnosis, a healthcare professional should always interpret the test results together with other examinations since they provide an indicative message.


Clinical performance:
Cut-off 42 mmol/mol (6,0%):
Sensitivity ≥ 92%
Specificity ≥ 88%


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