Promilless 0,2 ‰

Self-test of blood alcohol concentration from saliva

You're sober in traffic, aren't you?

When driving motor vehicles (eg. car, moped and boat) in Sweden and Norway, the upper limit for the blood alcohol concentration is 0.2 ‰.

The time required to burn alcohol in one’s body cannot be accelerated. Each individual’s alcohol burn rate is unique and based on various factors, such as body weight, age and gender.

In order to not endanger oneself and one’s fellow road users, one should ensure that their blood alcohol concentration is below 0.2 ‰.

Every 500th motorist is intoxicated (> 0.2 ‰)

>11% of deaths in traffic are alcohol related

The Nordic countries' increase in total alcohol consumption entails higher risk in traffic

No more blowing!

Promilless 0,2 ‰ is a disposable test and each consumer pack contains two tests where each test consists of a test strip with a reactive zone.

The consumer wets the test strip’s reactive zone with saliva for 2 seconds. Within 2 minutes, an enzymatic reaction occurs based on the level of alcohol (ethanol) in the saliva. The reactive zone of the test indicates if the consumer’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is below or above 0.2 ‰. One color change indicates BAC is <0.2 ‰ and two color changes indicate BAC is > 0.2 ‰.

The test has a patented function which indicates, among other things, incorrect storage or exceeded best-before date.

Always fits

Convenient and easily stored in your wallet


Fulfills the requirements for product safety according to EU Directive 2001/95 / EC


Takes 2 minutes and is more cost-effective than breathalyzers


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A clinical study was performed by an independent party, comparing Promilless 0.2 ‰ against conventional blood tests and breathalyzers. The study concluded that the functionality of Promilless 0.2 ‰ is very good and that Promilless 0.2 ‰ clearly and effectively indicates if the blood alcohol concentration of an individual is above or below 0.2 ‰.

The functionality of the test is ensured by a patented solution which indicates, among other things, incorrect storage or exceeded best-before-date.

Saliva measurement has been chosen for Promilless 0.2 ‰ due to its reliability and ease of use. Promilless 0.2 ‰ indicates the blood alcohol concentration by measuring the alcohol concentration in the saliva. This is because the alcohol/ethanol concentration of the saliva is equivalent to that of the blood.

The measurement of alcohol concentration in saliva blood has been scientifically proven to be a reliable method. Several scientific studies prove the relationship between the concentration of alcohol in blood and saliva (McColl, et al. 1979, Jones 1979a, Jones 1979b, Haeckel & Bucklitsch 1987, Jones 1993 and Gubala & Zuba, 2003).