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With the digitalization of healthcare, there is a large increase in the demand for self-tests that can be conducted anywhere and at anytime. Being located at the leading edge of developing high-quality diagnostic self-tests, FindOut Diagnostic wants to meet this demand. With a drop of blood, an immunoassay lateral flow test, and the App, individuals can get access to more health data than ever before. Our App is reaching a steady-state and the product is getting close to its first launch. FindOut is hiring a Software Manager to manage the software team and be responsible for the technical aspect of the App in a commercial setting. 


What will you do?

The initial focus of the role is to lead the ongoing software development as well as working closely with the management team. It is vital to have broad competence and understanding within software development as the software team consists of a wide range of competencies within App development.


In order to succeed in the role, you must truly understand the software side of the product and its functions. As of today, we work with frameworks and languages such as Javascript, Typescript, React Native, Docker and Kubernetes. Being able to document and present technological advances will also be highly required.


As Software Manager you’re also responsible for developing and maintaining healthy relations with the members of both your own team and the hardware team. The role reports to our CEO Denise and is part of the Management Team.


Who are you?

Our organization is characterized by the passion we feel for the products we are developing and their potential impact on the healthcare industry. We are looking for a like-minded individual that can balance a high work ethic with having fun. You thrive in an ever-changing environment where being pragmatic and leaving prestige behind is key. With your communicative- & social skills you seek to inspire and lead the work toward positive societal change.


We think that you have:

  • A University Degree in Engineering
  • Project Management experience
  • Experience working with Software architecture
  • A Fullstack-background within multiple frameworks and languages
  • Fluency in English and Swedish


We would also love to see:

  • A couple of years working experience in Medtech and/or startups
  • A problem-solving state of mind
  • An interest in changing things for the greater good


Apply to the position here.


We will review applications ongoing. If you have any questions or want to know more about the position, please don’t hesitate to contact Carl Harris.


Carl Harris

FindOut Diagnostic AB

About FindOut Diagnostic AB

FindOut’s vision is to make health data available on the individual’s terms through the development, manufacture and distribution of diagnostic self-tests in the European market. In the product portfolio, FindOut already has FindOut Celiac Test (rapid test for gluten intolerance).