Back End Developer

FindOut Diagnostic AB has developed a smartphone app and built neural networks (algorithm) into the camera that will take self-tests to a new level. With a drop of blood, an immunoassay lateral flow test and the app, individuals will get access to more health data than ever before. The first product with the novel technology is in the field of infection and will be launched during 2021. With the neural networks as the basis, the app will be scaled to other areas for in-vitro diagnostics.

After the initial development of the product, the app is reaching a steady state and the product is getting closer to first launch, FindOut wants to hire an app developer with the aim of being responsible for the forthcoming development. 


As of today, the development is outsourced to developers within FindOut’s facilities and the goal is to build the internal development team in parallel with the ongoing development. Cooperation with the current team will be key and first starting point.


The role of the developer will focus on reading into the product, secure knowledge on the currently used tech-stack and learn from the outsourced developers as the transition from outsourced to in-house development takes place.


FindOut’s start-up atmosphere is a great place to grow as a developer since both the responsibility and freedom goes hand in hand.


The person for this role will have to feel confident in the transition and responsibility for taking ownership of the development – backed up by senior resources at FindOut as well as supported by a software project manager.


The development of the product is complying to current medical regulations and will require documentation during the design and development phases. A great learning place for medical device development!



  • Transfer current product knowledge from outsourced to in-house
  • Support the team with future development of new features, biomarkers, and algorithm-functionality
  • Managing backend hosted in Google Cloud Platform



  • University degree in computer science
  • Javascript/Typescript
  • Node.JS
  • Google Cloud platform (hosting, devops)
  • SQL-knowledge
  • API design and communication
  • FireBase
  • Documented experiences from similar projects
  • Fluent in English
  • + if skills in Terraform
Other information: 
  • Start: immediately
  • Employment type: full time
  • Location: central Stockholm
  • Final application: interviews are ongoing

Does it sound exciting to lead change and revolutionise the healthcare industry with novel technology? Get in touch and we will tell you more.


Denise Luxenburg Stuifbergen
CEO, FindOut Diagnostic AB

+ 46 (0) 768 52 44 62,

About FindOut Diagnostic AB

FindOut’s vision is to make health data available on the individual’s terms through the development, manufacture and distribution of diagnostic self-tests in the European market. In the product portfolio, FindOut already has FindOut Celiac Test (rapid test for gluten intolerance).